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THE ASSOCIATION'S EFFORTS SUCCEEDED:: REQUIREMENT OF PRODUCTION OF PETROL/DIESEL BILLS HAS BEEN RELAXED: The Padmanabhan Commission had recommended for grant of the Conveyance Allowance on production of the judicial officer's certificate of having consumed the eligible quantum of fuel. Hence, the Association moved the Hon. High Court in this regard. Now, its effort succeeded as the Hon. High Court has been pleased to clarify by its letter (No.A/Spl.Cell/Gen/3116/2014 dated 25 April, 2014 that the Judicial Officers are allowed to avail the petrol/diesel facility in accordance with the recommendation no.70(a) of the Padmanabhan Commission on production of self attested certificate of use of petrol/diesel, in lieu of production of actual bill, together with rates/prices of such purchase. This came into effect from 01.04.2014.

THE RESTRICTION OF HOME ZONE HAS BEEN RELAXED: In the policy of the Annual General Transfers, instead of home district, all districts of the home zone of the judicial officer, were excluded from the choices. It was very hard for many of the judicial officers. Hence, on their behalf, the Association took up the matter. Its effort succeeded as the Hon. High Court has been pleased to relax the condition by excluding the home district, instead of the entire home zone.